How to Delete Shopclues Account Permanently

How to Delete Shopclues Account
How to Delete Shopclues Account

According to Wikipedia – ShopClues is an online marketplace owned by Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. It was established in July 2011 in Silicon Valley by Sanjay Sethi, Sandeep Aggarwal, and Radhika Aggarwal. Based in Gurgaon, India, the company claims to have over 6 lakh merchants and 2.8 crore products on its platform, serving over 32,000 pincodes across the country.

How To Delete / Deactivate My Shopclues Account

There are two methods to make a request to delete your account from their database which is given below:-

How to Delete Shopclues Account Through Shopclues Website

There is no step by step process to delete your account. But if you want to delete your account from Shopclues, then contact:

Source: shopclues
  1. Go to the following URL
  2. Now log in with your account
  3. Check the item Click if you didn’t find your order in the above list
  4. When you click this a pop-down menu appear write tell us about your issue
  5. Now select your issue in this select other issue and on sub-issue other
  6. In message box write about deleting your account and click send

How to Delete Shopclues Account By Writing Email

  1. Open your email account.
  2. Compose an email and enter this address
  3. Now write an email related to the delete account example given here.
  4. Enter the email subject like the request to delete my account and click on send.

These are the two processes that can be done to delete an account. Deletion of accounts from their database may take some days so wait for their revert back.

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