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How to Close or Cancel my HSBC Credit Card Account

How to Close or Cancel my HSBC Credit Card Account
How to Close or Cancel my HSBC Credit Card Account

Canceling your HSBC Bank Credit Card is not a difficult process. If you decided to cancel or closed your HSBC Bank Credit Card, then you are in the right place, where you will get proper instructions for a closed HSBC credit card. But to be very careful before you initiate the process.

How can I close my HSBC Credit Card account?

You can exercise any of the following options to initiate closure of your HSBC Credit Card:

  • Login to HSBC Internet Banking with your user ID and password and submit your request
  • You can also call HSBC PhoneBanking and register a card closure request
  • Alternatively, can submit a written request at any HSBC branch

Please remember to cut your card into pieces across the Chip and magnetic stripe, post-submission of your closure request.

Source: HSBC Bank

Things To Keep In Mind When You Close/Cancel A HSBC Bank Credit Card

Here is a list of few things you need to keep in mind before going ahead with the cancellation of your credit card:

  • Have you redeemed the reward points? Make sure to check whether you have any reward points remaining on your credit card and use them up before canceling the card. In case the card is canceled before usage, you will lose them all if you fail to redeem them.
  • Are they any dues to be cleared? Make sure your credit card’s outstanding balance is brought down to zero before you go ahead with canceling the card. In case the dues aren’t cleared, the bank will not be able to initiate the request.
  • Have you checked the final statement carefully? There are times when a credit card may accrue some wrong charges or if a fraudster has got their hands on it, they would like to max it out. So, go through the final statement to check everything is in order.
  • Did you put the card away? Once you put in the cancel request, make sure to put the card away and don’t try to sneak in one last transaction before the account is closed. If you do continue to do so, the card company can decline the request as they will need to print out a fresh statement for the card.
  • Did you cancel automatic payments? Most people use credit cards to pay most of their bills, while some opt for automatic payments so that they don’t need to go through the process every month. If you have mapped any such payments, make sure to cancel them before the cancellation. In case you haven’t, the payment could go through while the cancellation process is going on, and you will need to go through clearing the outstanding bill and apply for a close all over again.

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Closing your credit card – Australia

How do I close my Credit Card?

You may close your credit card account at any time by telling us in writing, by calling us on 132 152 (+612 9005 8511 if calling from overseas), or via HSBC Online Banking.

Once you have ensured that all outstanding balances have been cleared, any recurring payments are canceled and you have ceased using your card, follow these steps to close your card online:

Step 1

Log on to HSBC Online Banking and go to Credit Cards Online.

Select Manage your Account, then My Cards followed by Close my Credit Card Account.

Step 2

Enter your details to complete the Close my Credit Card Account Request online form.

Step 3

Review and confirm the details of your request before submitting it.

After submitting, a screen confirming your request has been submitted successfully will appear and you will be logged out of internet banking.

How long will it take to close my Credit Card if I do it online?

Once you have received your transaction reference confirming that your credit card closure request has been submitted successfully, it will take 1-3 business days to close your account.

What will happen to Direct Debits or any recurring payments on my Credit Card?

Before you close your Credit Card, you will need to ensure that all recurring payments that are linked to your card have been canceled. You will need to do this directly with your service providers.


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