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How to Cancel or Close an IndusInd Bank Credit Card

How can I cancel an IndusInd Bank credit card
How can I cancel an IndusInd Bank credit card

Indusind bank provides a simple method to its credit cardholders who’re willing to close or cancel their Indusind Credit Card. There are certain steps need to be followed by the credit cardholders to cancel the Indusind bank credit card.

If you determine to cancel your Indusind Bank Credit Card, then you are in the right place, where you will get proper instructions for a closed Indusind Bank Credit Card. But to be very careful before you initiate the process.

How To Close Or Cancel An Indusind Bank Credit Card

IndusInd Bank has set a clear procedure for cancellation, which it clearly explains in its cardmember agreement. According to this, each member looking to cancel their Indusind Credit Card need to submit an official request for termination of their credit card to the nearest IndusInd Bank branch. The bank will then take a few days to process the request before canceling it.

Things To Keep In Mind When Cancelling Your Indusind Bank Credit Card

Here are some of the dos and don’ts you need to know before canceling your IndusInd Bank Credit Card needs to follow:

The Do’s:

  • Clear your outstanding amount: Before filing the request, make sure to clear off the outstanding debt on your card. This doesn’t just include the primary card, we’re also talking about any supplementary card you have taken from the bank. Doing so will save you the embarrassment of the bank sending a letter listing outbalance that needs to be cleared.
  • Collect the rewards: In case you have any reward points still pending on your credit card account, make sure to redeem them before sending in the termination request. The bank offers a 30-day window after the cancellation request is sent, within which you need to redeem the points. Once this period is over, your points will lapse.
  • Cancel automated payments: Automating payments on your credit card is simple and it saves you the effort of paying each and every bill individually each month. If you have any payments mapped onto your credit card, make sure to cancel them off before canceling the card. Failure to do so could leave you with an additional bill statement, and you will be required to clear the bill to start the cancellation procedure all over again.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t use the card: When you decide to cancel the card, stop using it for any transactions. Why go through the hassle of clearing bills again, when you have clearly decided you don’t want to cancel the card and receive another statement.
  • Don’t keep the card: The bank asks you to send the card to them but defacing it across the magnetic chip. Make sure to abide by this directive. In case you don’t and any fraudulent charges are made on the card, you will be the one responsible for clearing the bill.

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