How to Delete Swayamwara Accounts

How to delete Swayamvara account

How to Delete Swayamwara Accounts

Sayamwara matrimonial website with 1 million marriages. It acts as a bridge between the bride and groom.
Here’s the step by step process to remove my profile from, as follows;

  1. Login in to your account.
  2. Select the Remove Profile option.
  3. State the reason for deletion.
  4. And click on the ‘Delete Profile’ button to remove your profile from our database.

How do I add my profile in a free or a paid service?

To add your profile, click on the Add Profile link. Give all the necessary as well as optional details asked in the form. After you submit your information, your profile will be automatically created. Once you submit your profile thank you message will be displayed on the screen and a confirmation mail will be sent to your mailbox if you provide the correct email ID. It will be evaluated by our team and it will be made online after the evaluation. Normally evaluation process takes 1 to 24 hours on weekdays and up to 48 hours on weekends.

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